This was the first part of the ongoing "Beaufort Project". Unfortunately only a couple of hours of arriving my previously quite trustworthy Canon decided it had had enough of life and quit on me. But just before its untimely demise, it rendered some shots of a pretty spectacular sunset. So you're not only looking at the first of a series, you're looking at the last photos that camera ever took. This is also a gallery of graphics work since I decided to "dress up" the photographs a little. The navigation charts in the background are actual charts dating back as far as 1851. They were shamelessly pilfered from the Image Archives of the Historical Map and Chart Collection, Office of Coast Survey/National Ocean Service/NOAA. Officially they're known as:
Nautical Chart of Beaufort Harbor - 1851
Nautical Chart of Beaufort Harbor - 1870
Nautical Chart of Beaufort Harbor - 1876
Nautical Chart of Beaufort Harbor - 1900
though I'd be hard pressed to tell you which was used where in this project.