This is Belle. Most of these shots came right after she was taken in by North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue. Belle was underweight by about 1/3, and afflicted with just about every parasite known to dog-dom. Heartworms, whipworms, you name it. And for all of that she was one of the sweetest, gentlest creatures ever to grace God's earth. She was adopted by a wonderful woman in Greenville, NC and is now healthy and happy and living with her adoptive mom, her brother Cutter and the cat who refused to give a name. The last couple of shots were sent to me by Belle's new mom a few months after she went to her new home. Belle is a success story, but there are countless animals in shelters around the country that aren't so lucky. So consider adopting a new companion from a rescue group or shelter. You'll not only save a life, you'll enhance one as well. Your own.