This is a rough approximation of a day I spent in Bethlehem, PA in November of 2005. Bethlehem is really three towns in one. On one side of the river is a tidy, middle class small town with a strong Moravian influence. Bookstores and bakeries line the main thoroughfare leading to Moravian College and the atmosphere is almost like a street fair.

Cross the river and you find yourself in a town where hard-working, blue-collar people provide the infrasturcture for the town's two major colleges and the industry that remains there. The derelict steel mill on the bank of the river dominates the landscape on this side of town and stands as a proud reminder of the history of what was once a Steel Town.

The third town is really not a town at all, but Lehigh University. The campus was almost literally carved out of the mountainside and the buildings perched at intervals seem almost precariously balanced on the steep slopes. But the architecture of the university's buildings is exquisite, rivaling any in the country.

The runied steel mill is an essay unto itself, and I present it to you in Part II of this project. For now, you can take a tour with me as we start in the business district, cross the river into steel country and then venture up the mountainside to the university. Our journey then brings us back to our point of origin and ends at the base of the bell tower at Moravian College.