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2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Eastern Conference Finals

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"Where'd you get that?"

I've answered that question more times than I can count. The answer is "I made it." The next thing I hear is usually "You should sell those." Well, for various reasons selling them isn't a great idea. But so many people have commented on them (and wanted one of their own) that I decided that I'd just post them here and if someone wanted to download the file and take it to a print shop they were welcome to do so. As long as they use it intact.

Printing costs vary I suppose, depending on where you go. (Unless you happen to have a large format color printer of your own that is.) I paid about $22 to have mine done -- but the shop I used (Kinko's) was running a special at the time. Their normal price for an 18 x 24 print mounted and laminated on foam core artboard is around $40. Since I don't work for Kinko's, I don't know how long the special lasts, but I heard that it would run through the end of May 2006.

To view a small version of the image you like, click the "Preview" link. To download the full size version, right click the "Full Size" link and select "Save target as" from the context menu. OR, click the "Full Size" link and when the new window opens, right click the image itself and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As".

The full size versions are all under 500Kb so they'll easily fit on a floppy disk and shouldn't cause any problems if you email them as attachments. If the printer you go to can take files via email, that will save you some time since you'll probably have at least a 24-hour turnaround on the job).

This is a free download as long as you use it in its entirety for non-commercial purposes. Which means you can make all you want as long as you're not selling them. (If you do, I wan't my cut!)

So enjoy, and pass the word along.

Go Canes!

One Team
Preview Full Size
This is the one everybody was asking for at Game 1 of the Conference Finals.

Size: 18"w x 24"h -- Color: RGB -- File:oneteam2400.jpg
Buffalo Hunter
Preview Full Size
This one has actually never been printed, so nobody has seen it anywhere but here.

Size: 24"w x 18"h -- Color: RGB -- File:buffalohunter2400.jpg
Caniac Card
Preview Full Size
This one has also never been printed, and it actually started life back in 2002 as an album cover for a CD that was never made. But I liked the concept, so I updated it for 2006.

Size: 24"w x 18"h -- Color: RGB -- File:caniaccard2400.jpg
The Caminator
Preview Full Size
You might have seen this one during the first or second round at the RBC Center or the airport. Not terribly original, but a cool concept anyway. It came to me when I heard someone quoted as saying Cam Ward has no pulse. And it occurred to me that perhaps he did drop in from the future because he certainly hasn't been playing like a rookie in the postseason.

Size: 18"w x 24"h -- Color: RGB -- File:caminator2400.jpg