Okay, I confess. I like stock car racing. I didn't always, but who doesn't like fast cars? This collection comes from the UAW-GM 500 events in 2001 and 2002. The Busch Series cars you see are from the BGN practice session prior to the 2001 race. Especially noteworthy among these cars was Jimmy Spencer's #1 car. Spencer, a Pennsylvania native, had a special tribute to the passengers of Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania painted on his car for this one race. Prior to the feature race of the weekend, 5000 firefighters from all over America assembled shoulder-to-shoulder around the track surface. The line extended from the entrance to Turn 3, down the front stretch, and just past the exit of Turn 2. On a 1.5 mile track, that's a pretty impressive display. So was the American flag so large that had to be raised using two ladder trucks. Coincidentally all of this took place on the day that the US launched the campaign in Afghanistan to find Osama bin Laden.