This is Fuzzy. Short for "The Fuzzyface Girl", which is what she was called when she first came to North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue. The name stuck, and now she won't answer to anything else. Best I can tell, she's part Rottweiler and part terrier of some description. It's impossible to know since the shelter she came from picked her up as a stray. A pregnant stray. A very pregnant stray, which is how I came to have her. She was supposed to be sent to another rescue, but once we deternmined that she was going to whelp any minute, I agreed to keep her until the puppies were born and mom and her brood could travel. Ultimately, I wound up keeping her and one of the puppies. Some of these shots were taken just before the puppies were born. At full term, Fuzzy weighed in at only 78 pounds. Now she's crowding 100 (and on a couple of occasions she's been over 100) and I have to keep her on a diet.