These are just odd shots of various dogs. There weren't enough of them to put them in individual galleries, so I just lumped them all together. The mainly white tricolor you see is Sydney, sister to Kodi and from the best information available mostly a French Brittany. As a puppy we mistook her for an Austrailian Shepherd which is how she got her name. The young solid black puppy is Louie (or Lou-Dog) who's brother to Domino, Dozer and Tonka. Louie turned out to be the biggest of the litter at maturity, tipping the scales at well over 100 pounds. He was also the first to find a permanent home and this shot was taken on the way to deliver him to that home. Also included in this collection are scaled-down versions of a couple of posters I did for North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue and a photo of one of their successful adoptions who visited us at a booth at the 2003 Dog Olympics at the NCSU Vet School.